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My name is Aoife, and I’m from Ireland. I started this little space in March 2015 because of my previous job. I worked early shifts in customer service, and had a lot of free time during the day. I had no passion for what I was doing work-wise, and no way to really express myself during my free time. Hence, rockettequeen.com was born! During that time, I was able to dedicate a lot of my time to the blog. Now that I work full time with a long commute, that sadly isn’t the case. But any spare time that I do have, I love using it to grow this space that I’ve grown so attached to.

How rockettequeen.com Started

It started as kinda… Well, everything. Beauty, lifestyle, lists, facts. Very little fashion, which I find so strange looking back on now. In the beginning, it definitely didn’t have a niche. I posted whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Two and a half years later, it definitely has more direction. I post specifically about monochrome alternative fashion, cruelty-free beauty, opinion posts and lifestyle-type experiences. Maybe in another two and a half years, it’ll change direction again. But right now, I’m really happy with where things are at.

What Lead Up To This Point

I have two degrees, an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Greek and Roman Civilizations, and a post graduate degree in English Literature. Both of these have contributed to my ability and style of writing as a whole. As of now, I work as an online copywriter and team leader in a photography studio. I write fashion copy for premium and contemporary brands for several high-end companies and stores in Dublin. Given my love of fashion, I’m really grateful that what I do full time allows me to express what I’m passionate about.


In terms of working with brands, I’m happy to do so as this is a PR-friendly space. I’m happy to accept collaboration and write posts reviewing items/products. Specifically, I review/document: cruelty-free beauty and skin-care, alternative fashion brands, and monochrome fashion items. If you feel that your item or product is a good fit for my blog, I’m happy to consider reviewing it. This is an open-minded space, so even if your product is not listed above, please don’t be afraid to contact me about it to check.

To get in touch with me, head over to my contact page for details.

For further information, check my pr/disclaimer page.

Or, you can alternatively email me at rockettequeenblog@gmail.com.