Blogger Twitter Chat List

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Blogger Twitter Chat List

So, who else is happy to know that it’s the weekend? ‘Cause I sure as hell am! Even though I’ve just had a week’s holidays from work and every day has felt like the weekend, but STILL. I know, I know, I’ve been slacking again. I’ve been wracked with guilt over my complete lack of productivity and being a bad blogger. But after a few days spent recharging, I feel great, which brings me to today’s post topic: the blogger Twitter chats. Last night, I had time to join in on a chat for the first time in months. And let me tell you, I enjoyed every second of it. There were cinnamon-related squeals and heart-eye emojis flying everywhere, and it. Was. AWESOME.

I’m definitely going to try to join in on every chat I can from now on. But hey, for you guys, I’ll do it! Today I’m going to share with you every blogger chat that I’m aware of, as well as the account name, time, and relevant hashtags used throughout. Any of the chats that are marked set host, all you have to do is search the hashtag and the host will pop up, if questions apply within that chat. A lot of them are general chats, asking each other questions and opinions, etc. The times listed are all GMT, so if you’re not from that timezone, be sure to check the time difference! And last but not least, if you’re a big Twitter user, feel free to follow me here. Let’s dive right in to the blogger Twitter chat list, shall we?


#BDIB – 7PM – @Blogsdoitbetter – Set topic

#fbloggers – 8PM – @fbloggerschat / General chat – Fashion

#ukbloggers – 9PM – @ukbloggerschat – Set topic

#beautybabble – 8PM – Set host – Beauty

#irishbbloggers – 8:30PM- Set host – Set topic


#bookbloggers – 7PM – @bookblogchat – Books

#askablogger – 7PM – Set host – Set topic

#everyblogger – 7PM – Set host – Set topic

#FABbloggers – 8PM – @lovelyniceyou – Beauty

#FBLchat – 8PM – @fashbeautylife – Fashion

#bloghour – 9PM – @ukblogawards – Set topic


#lbloggers – 7PM – @lbloggerschat – Lifestyle

#bbloggers – 8PM – @bbloggerschat – Beauty

#careerblogchat – 8PM – Set host – Careers


#crazybloggers – 7PM – @hollycassell – Set topic

#ELBchat – 7PM – Set host – Set topic

#fbloggers – 8PM – @fbloggerschat / General chat – Fashion

#fdbloggers – 8PM – Set host / General chat – Food

#vloggerschat – 8PM – Set host / General chat – Vlogging

#tbloggers – 9PM – Set host – Travel


#beautychat – 7PM – Set host – Beauty

#gbloggers – 7PM – @TamzinSwann – Set topic

#BDIB – 8PM – @Blogsdoitbetter – Set topic

#ukbloggers – 9PM – @ukbloggers1 – Set topic


#socialbloggers – 6PM – @Skinnedcartree – General chat

#everyblogger – 7PM – Set host – Set topic / General chat

#tbloggers – 8PM – Set host – Set topic / General chat


#PABchat – 5PM – @PABchat – Set topic

#lbloggers – 7PM – @lbloggerschat – Lifestyle

#bbloggers – 8PM – @bbloggerschat – Beauty


#ltbloggers – 1PM and 5PM – @ltbloggers – Set topic / General chat

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