Cruelty-Free, High Coverage Foundation Routine For Pale, Oily Skin

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Cruelty-Free, High Coverage Foundation Routine For Pale, Oily Skin

For years, I’ve struggled to find a foundation routine that worked for me. And since going cruelty-free, my options were narrowed down. Which made me to strive onwards and find the perfect base formula. And for pale, oily skin with a cruelty-free twist, I think I’ve nailed it. For my three miracle foundation products, just read on!

Urban Decay De-Slick Primer

This stuff was sent from the heavens, I tell you. My skin has been screaming for something like this for years. I actually feel silly for not investing in it years ago, as it would’ve saved me so much money in make-up topping-up. It has an instant mattifying effect once applied, both on your skin and whatever is applied thereafter. My favourite cruelty-free foundation isn’t a matte finish, but it transforms into one once applied over this. Everyone who has oily skin needs to invest in this primer, I can absolutely promise that you won’t regret it.

Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation

I recently reviewed the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation, and these two together are a match made in heaven for oily skin. Bases seem to slide right off my face as my skin is so oily, but not in this case. I wore this Foundation with the De-Slick Primer for nearly twelve hours when I saw Guns N’ Roses in May. Let me tell you, I was impressed that my make-up was still all there when I got home after midnight! The one thing I will say is, apply in thin, even layers and build up if necessary. Otherwise, it can start to cake and separate, especially around the t-zone/dry areas. Otherwise, this stuff is the bomb! As you’ll know if you read my review! And if not, I’ll leave it right here.

Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Setting Spray

Following your concealer and powder of your choice, it’s time to set your foundation. The Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Setting Mist is perfect for my needs. It’s lightweight, leaves a matte finish and keeps everything in place. It emerges from the nozzle in a fine mist that smells like melon, what’s not to love really? A little goes a long way with this, so you definitely get your bang for your buck with this setting spray. A worthy investment, as is everything I’ve tried so far from Kat Von D Beauty. Everything I’ve showcased here can be purchased from Urban Decay, Kat Von D Beauty, or alternatively from Debenhams.

What are your essentials in your foundation routine?

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