Fashion Inspiration: Creating And Styling Outfits With Polyvore

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Fashion Inspiration: Creating And Styling Outfits With Polyvore

Hi, hi, hi m’lovelies! I’ve written a short n’ sweet post today about fashion inspiration, one that’s pretty much dominated by pictures. I have a great love of fashion, but sometimes I’m SO uninspired. This website is THE CURE for fashion inspiration. I felt a bit “meh” about shooting during the week, because I just hadn’t been hit with the usual train of inspiration when it comes to styling. It genuinely all changed when I started creating looks on Polyvore. If anything, I’ve become OBSESSED with creating cute little outfits with ALL of the trimmings. I’ve been on this every day since I downloaded the app!

It’s much easier to create looks and move them around how you want on a desktop/laptop. All you have to do is search for items that you’d like to put in an image. For example: Topshop jeans, striped t-shirt, black boots, and so on. It brings up a number of results, of which you can pick one and paste it into your image. Alongside any other fashion/beauty/interior items of your choosing! SO. MUCH. FUN! Every outfit in this post is so wearable for me. It suits my personal style to a tee, and looks so well put-together. If you’d like to see where the items in this post are from, my Polyvore profile is here. What do you think of my little collection so far? I now need a whole new wardrobe because of this very post! *insert monkey-hiding-head-in-hands emoji here*

Are you a fan of Polyvore? What’s your fashion inspiration lately?

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