4 Last Minute & Foolproof Christmas Gift Ideas

So, it’s less than two weeks before Christmas, payday seems so far away. But despite all that, you’re running around like a headless chicken STILL searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your favourite folk. If this applies to you, never fear, Primark is here! Now I know most people will scoff at the very thought… Because they’re so affordable, they can’t be all that good quality, right? Well, in some cases you might be right… But for me personally, some of my wardrobe favourites are from Primark, and they’ve lasted me considerably well over the years. Yeah that’s right, I said years.

Primark have essentially got everything one needs, and even everything you never thought you needed. Especially during those times when you just happened to “drop” €50 into the cash register with no idea how it happened… Am I right? Anyway, these aren’t necessarily restricted to just Primark. But if you’re on a budget as most of us are, it’s a great place to start. Here are some of my last minute and foolproof ideas for Christmas gifts for your loved ones.


Because it’s essentially impossible to ever have enough beauty items in your collection, am I right? Primark have seriously upped their game in the last year or two. They’ve come along in leaps and bounds with their own general and professional make-up lines, both of which sit within a very affordable price range. They also stock the likes of Essence and Catrice (both cruelty-free!), as well as NYC Colour and Rimmel to boot. Perfect stocking fillers, if you ask me! They also have their own ranges of skin care, including a range of face masks that I’ve been impressed by more than once. Everyone loves a chilled evening of pampering, and the festive season is the perfect time to indulge. Whether you’re doing a mask evening or preparing for a night on the tiles, Primark have definitely got you covered on that one.


Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for Primark perfumes. On more than one occasion, I’ve been mistaken for wearing something a lot more high end. Try Abercrombie and Fitch and tricking DIOR, when in fact, I’ve actually been wearing something that cost me €2.50. Some of my personal favourites are Miss Belle, P.S Love and P.S Noir. Seeing as I’m a sweet, sexy scent kind of person, this is what makes perfume a bit of a tricky one. You essentially have to know the person you’re gifting and their tastes inside out, as something you might love, they might despise. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile to add a personal touch to your gift-giving, chances are you’re going to do it right.


Because let’s face it, enough candles are never really enough. I’ve picked up a few recently that I’ve been loving, and their winter scents are ideal for a Christmas gift and always my favourites. Including the delectable toasted marshmallow – delish. The candle pictured above smells/looks so aesthetically-pleasing, so much so that I actually haven’t burned it yet. And I’ve had it for months. It sits looking pretty on my bedside table, and that’s absolutely fine with me.


Because no-one ever gave out about receiving robes, pyjamas or fluffy socks as a Christmas gift, now did they? If anything, I end up disappointed if I miss out on any of the above during the festive season. I recently spotted a pair of Pokémon pyjamas on social media that I was obsessed with, to say the least. They were plastered with Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Squirtle, and they were COLOURFUL. I essentially hate colour, so for me to fall in love with these was major! Alas, they didn’t seem to stock them anywhere I looked in Ireland, so they just weren’t meant to be in my possession. It’s kind of a given that everyone wears cosy clothes at some point. The line between a practical and personal Christmas gift is so divisive, but hitting both is always a plus.

What are your recommendations for last minute/foolproof Christmas gifts?

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