How I’m Creating Routine During Self-Isolation

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It’s such a strange time right now. With all of the worry going on, maintaining some form of routine is probably the last thing people are thinking about. I feel like I need a routine to maintain normality and function in my day. To feel a sense of purpose and something to look forward to as time passes. Today I’m chatting through four of the ways that I’m creating my new and improved everyday routine.

Rising and Retreating as per Usual Routine

That’s right; instead of taking full advantage of a longer stint in bed, I get up at the time I usually would. I think if I didn’t, things would seem more overwhelming and out of the ordinary. Getting up as per my normal routine helps me to inject some normality into my day. And; I feel accomplished and like I’ve started my day off right too. Bonus! I always make sure to go to bed when I usually would too. This is more so because I’m now an old lady who can’t stay up past midnight, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

routine rockette queen rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger belfast

Getting Dressed and Putting On Make-Up

Maybe a touch more materialistic, but hear me out. Maintaining my routine involves all of my usual steps, including getting dressed and doing a five-minute face of make-up. If I stay make-up free and in my PJs, the last thing I feel is productive. Putting on real clothes (gym/athletic wear is my current limit, what are jeans again?) and doing a basic face of make-up helps in making me feel ready for the day. Foundation, eyebrows and a little mascara (some highlight too if I’m feeling fancy) do make all the difference. The next question is; will I remember how to blend eyeshadow or apply eyeliner when all of this is over…

Prioritising Productive Routine Activities

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that I don’t like idle time during the day. Evenings and night time are pretty much a free-for-all, but I like to be doing things during the daytime. This is why forging some form of routine is so important. Cleaning, de-cluttering, reading, and learning have been my latest go-to’s. I’ve bought some content, marketing, and photography courses to boost my skills for work. AND; I’ve started a diploma in Zoology and loved every second of it so far! If I’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that learning is so easy and fun when it relates to something you’re passionate about. I’ve also been absorbing books like they’re going out of style. My Kindle’s gotten more attention in the last few weeks than ever before! This last while has been so transformative, I can’t wait to see what I can achieve next.

routine rockette queen rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger belfast

Taking on New Skills and Hobbies

Another thing I’ve been doing to create some form of routine and productivity is extending my skill set and hobbies. I’m focusing on things that I’ve previously overlooked/given up on in the past. I did art in school but never followed through with it because I wasn’t amazing at it. Ironically, I’ve learned that that’s the last reason why you should give up on things. I’m taking things slowly and prioritising enjoying it as opposed to being perfect right away. That kind of pressure is how we begin to resent things, and it’s the last thing any of us need right now. I’ve been playing around with painting and drawing lately and it’s been fascinating. I’ve ordered an iPad and an Apple pencil so I can dedicate some time to learning to illustrate/draw digitally. Other things on the agenda are learning languages, how to read music and maybe even play the piano. There are so many opportunities on how to use this time, and I’m using ‘em all to create the best possible routine during such a strange time. Click the attached link for further advice on self-isolation.

routine rockette queen rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger belfast

How are you creating routine during self-isolation? Inspire me down in the comments!


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