Why I’m Over The Pressures Of Instagram

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Why I’m Over The Pressures Of Instagram

I recently made a second Instagram account (which I’ve since deleted, I really don’t need to have two accounts) and I feel like I learned a lot about Instagram in the process. I learned a few things and differences between how I feel about each account, which I’m going to go through in this post.

It shouldn’t be a numbers game

Followers and likes seem to the bane of my life on my normal account. I post consistently and I like what I post, but I feel like I stay quite stagnant. I get interactions for new followers, but the number always seems to stay the same, or goes down. And I can’t decipher if it’s an issue with the app, or because people aren’t a fan of what I post. Because if they genuinely liked it, growth would happen and interaction would be good, right? I hate this mindset. And I hate that numbers define my enjoyment of a platform that used to be SO fun.

I had fun on my new account, because were no followers on it to define how “successful” it could be. And that makes me so sad. I always believed that with hard work and consistent effort, success would eventually come. With Instagram, this doesn’t ring true. I truly wish I could enjoy Instagram without having numbers define it for me, but I’m really unsure how to break out of this mindset. If you have any tips, please feel free to share them below.

It should be enjoyable

Every single time that I post on my blogging Instagram account, I experience genuine stress. Have I posted at the ideal time? If I interact before/after/during, will I get more likes? Will it help if I close the app directly after? And so on. I can’t keep going on like this. Because it’s my blog, my space, I want people to like (figuratively and literally) what I post and for it to do well. But it overshadows the enjoyment of it. It completely drains everything good out of my account. Even though I like what I post, if a photo doesn’t do well, I feel like a failure. Why does it have to be like this? Why are we so focussed on feeling validated by likes on a single photograph? Is there not more to us than what we post on social media?

It’s not a race to be the best

Although at times, it sure feels like one. I’ve been working on my Instagram consistently for almost three years. Probably longer, in all honesty. And I feel like I haven’t grown at all. I see new bloggers come along and rush past me in numbers, people buying followers and likes, and I’d lie if at times it didn’t make me think “What’s the point?”. And every single time, I’m reminded that this is my passion. I’m doing it for the right reasons, and I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it. If success and growth are destined to come my way, I have to have faith that they will. I also have to maintain working my ass off every damn day in order to make that happen, too. Everyone grows at different rates and paces, and doing your best will never be a race.

What are your thoughts on the current Instagram scenario? Are you feeling the pressure?

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