Interior: Minimal, Monochrome, Scandinavian Interior


I get my love of interior from my mother.

I can remember even as a little kid, the ever-growing constantly-teetering pile of ’25 Beautiful Homes’ magazine on her bedside table. She is an interior GENIUS. I’m gonna tell you a little story today. Two years ago, I moved out of home to my own little apartment, abandoning the little emo haven I called my room. In said room, there was one deep magenta wall that my mum absolutely despised (What can I say? Emo king Gerard Way was my hero, and it showed.). Thus, this little beauty of a room was born. And now she has her spare room of dreams!

I’m never home to use this room, so it deserves some online recognition at the very least. It couldn’t be more obvious that my mum has such an amazing eye for detail and bringing things together. She’s actually the very same with fashion. I’m so tempted to convince her to create her own blog, ’cause going by this alone she’d be so successful. She’d be the biggest Insta-Queen! *insert hair-flip emoji here*

It’s bad that this room makes me wanna move home, right? That’s the downside to renting, you can’t create pretty rooms like this. At least I can bask in it’s beauty whenever I make the trip home. Silver linings people, they truly are everywhere. Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂  And if you haven’t seen my current apartment tour post, I’ll leave that here!

I think I might share what I’ve been listening to in posts going forward, because it’s forever changing… So here is my latest obsession, ‘Toes’ by Lights 🙂

Are you a fan of monochrome interior? Fashion? Be sure to let me know below!

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