Japanese Candy Sampling: Trying Japanese Food For The First Time

IMG_9472PockyJapanese Toffee Fudge WafersJapanese Dream Pie

So I’ve decided this year that I’m going to get a lot more brave, and do a lot more things. ESPECIALLY things that I haven’t ever done before. I wan to experience more of the world, one day at a time! So when I was away on holidays and spotted a Japanese supermarket, I knew I had to go in and explore! This post is about the Japanese candy that I tried, just to get a feel for different cultures and impressions of snacks/desserts. Enjoy!


Pocky, the famous flavour-coated biscuit sticks. I’m aware that these come in several different flavours, including cookies and cream, coconut, milk, green tea, honey, and banana. Chocolate and strawberries were the only ones in stock in this particular store, but regardless, I was happy to get my hands on them! Be warned, it’s far too easy to consume a whole box of these in one sitting… It’s like opening a tube of Pringles or a pack of chocolate fingers, once you have one, you’re doomed (and food coma’d for the rest of the evening). These were delicious, I’d highly recommend them if you’re new to the Japanese snack range!

I wish I knew the name of these… But (sadly) I don’t speak a word of Japanese, and it didn’t say it in English anywhere on the box. If anyone’s a Japanese candy expert, leave the name below! These were toffee and fudge wafers in a straw shape. They had a kind of waffle consistency too, which made it even more difficult not to eat them all! I still have some, but that’s only because they’re shoved up in the top of the cupboard where I can’t get them. Restraint means that I can enjoy them at a later stage, as opposed to just gobbling them up without a second thought. 10/10, would buy again. Does my embarrassing, unintentional rhyme show how good they are?

Dreamy Pie

At first, we weren’t sure if these were biscuits or ice-creams… Either way, the intrigue got the better of us! In the beginning, they kind of reminded me of extremely creamy, cake-y Oreos. A soft chocolate cake, coated in dark chocolate, with a marshmallow filling. It’s no wonder ‘dreamy’ is in the name! Don’t get me wrong, they’re extremely rich and filling, so if there’s one thing that’s gonna stop you going on a dreamy pie munching rampage, it’s going to be that. A great mini dessert if you’re craving something sweet after dinner, if you ever spot them, I really recommend giving them a try!

We tried mochi, rice balls with a moist, flavoured centre, which was NOT what I was expecting. I definitely anticipated the squishy, jelly-ish texture, but I expected it to be… Sweet? Which makes it so obvious that I didn’t do my research, ’cause I didn’t know that it’s rice. I imagined it as something completely different. As for the sweetness, I don’t know where that assumption came from. But the red bean and green tea flavours weren’t anything close to it. I love green tea to the moon and back, but this got a “NO” from me. We also tried multi-packs of sweets that I can’t recall the name of, that came in little packs like Love Hearts… But they tasted like chalk. Not that I’m an avid chalk-eater or anything, but take it back, nooo thank you!

So overall, my first experience with Japanese candy was good, but only when sticking to sweet rather than savoury. Maybe I’ll get braver next time! But there will be a next time. And maybe a new post for y’all to feast (Get it?) your eyes on, who knows? Hope you all enjoyed this post, and that it didn’t make you too hungry!

Do you have any Japanese candy favourites?

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  1. August 8, 2015 / 2:19 PM

    I love this! I’m a big lover of unusual foods (unusual for me, anyway!) so this is right up my street. I feel as if I absolutely HAVE to try the Dreamy Pie, sounds amazing 🙂

    • rockettequeen
      August 17, 2015 / 2:53 PM

      Sorry for the delay replying to your comment! Yeah I really recommend everything listed, mochi was a bit weird for my tastes! The Dreamy Pie is great if you want a dessert that’s not TOO much after a big meal, or even a snack 🙂 Thanks for reading, so glad you enjoyed this post!

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