Journal Entry 1 – Sunday, March 31st 2019

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Journal Entry #1 – Sunday, March 31st 2019

In case you’re new here, hello! I’m Aoife. This is my first ever journal entry on I want to get into the habit of creating personal writing pieces regularly. To release my day-to-day and practice, prune and perfect my writing style all at once. So welcome to my journal, which I hope to update as regularly as possible. And when I can’t, I’ll have a physical journal in my bag 24/7. This way, I can write it out whenever/wherever, and upload here later.

A Weekend Worth Noting

I’ve had a really nice weekend. Y’know when it’s sunny and it just makes everything better? Yeah, that. I’ve said this already over on Twitter, but it’s so much easier to be happy when it’s sunny. It’s bright, the heat hits your skin with its warm glow, and the happiness that manifests seems to be contagious in the best way. I know it’s not as black and white as that, but it makes me wonder how people who live in sunny destinations aren’t always happy. Or happier than most, I should say.

I took myself by surprise this weekend – I was very much in the ‘treat yoself’ mindset and did it justice, to say the least. I had a few things on my list to pick up but went somewhat overboard… What can I say? It was payday last week, I’m merely reaping the benefits. I got my essentials as well as some Soap and Glory make-up to try, because at the ripe old age of 26, I’ve never had the pleasure. (Update: the mascara isn’t waterproof like I’d hoped but it IS incredible. For a false lash effect without the lashes, it does wonders for me!)

New Habits

I also picked up some vegan food books too, as well as a few magazines – Ireland’s own Stellar, GQ and Hers fitness magazine. Stellar was an old staple favourite that I never made the time to read, so I’ve picked it up to get out of that habit. GQ had a feature on Cody Fern (the spawn of Satan in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, in case you weren’t aware…) that I just couldn’t resist.

The last one came as a shock to me too, but fitness and my general well-being are a priority for me now. Even if I fall off the good food wagon at the weekend* (*read: every weekend.)… But I’m trying! I’ve started lifting weights recently and I’m really enjoying it, so I’ve picked this up for some inspiration for workouts (and to learn how to not wreck my neck when lifting 5kg dumbbells – we all start somewhere, okay?)

Regular Reading is a Priority

I’ve gotten very much out of the habit of reading regularly. Instead, I willingly rot my brain on my phone every evening after work. I’m not happy about it, so I’m putting the steps in place to stop it from happening. I say stop it from happening: I mean stop myself from doing it. There’s so much more I could be doing with my time: being creative, learning, reading, productivity in general. I’ve been saying for ages that I want to start yoga and pole fitness. I’ve got my research hat at the ready to get the ball rolling on that.

Language Love

I have a new-found love for language too. In my last job, the head of my department could speak fluent English, Italian and French. From which he’d switch smoothly at the drop of a hat. I found it so impressive and effortlessly intelligent; knowing lots of languages can never be anything but a good thing. I’m tempted to start back with French. I’m obviously very rusty having left school 9 years ago (“Oh my God, I’m like the crypt keeper!”). BUT, if I can master it again… Chances are I’d be even more motivated to start other languages from scratch too. If my motivation sticks around, maybe I’ll be multilingual before I know it!

Until next time…


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