Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation Review

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Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation Review

Growing up, I never opted for high-end products. Of course I wasn’t earning as a teenager, so their cost wouldn’t have been high priority for me anyway. But since going cruelty-free and narrowing down my product options, I invest in what I like, what I know works, and the creators that I believe in. My collection would be entirely made up of Kat Von D Beauty products if money were no object. But it’s not, I earn a basic salary, and use that to invest in products that I truly love. One of which is the Lock It Foundation. Today’s post details on four reasons why this foundation is my perfect fit in my beauty routine.

Shade range

Because I’m a little ghost lady, finding a foundation that’s pale enough for me often proves quite difficult. More often than not, the palest shade in high street ranges turns up yellow or orange on me. In that case, I have to go down more specific and pricey routes. This definitely isn’t the case with the Lock It Foundation. I went into Debenhams on Henry Street in Dublin to get shade tested, and I came out with ‘Light 42’. This comes up paler than I actually am on my face before it oxidises. Not only that, it’s not even the palest shade in the range! With a total of 30 shades, you can guarantee that there’s one for everyone in this line.


Despite being so pale, my skin tends to have quite a pink undertone to it without make-up. I also have large pores, dark circles and ten years worth of acne scarring to work with, so I need a high coverage base. The Lock It Foundation wins this one again. One pump essentially covers my entire face, so much so that I need little to no concealer post-application. A little goes a long way with this foundation, so I feel that you get your bang for your buck with the price tag, as it retails for €34.50 for 30ml of product. If it checks all the boxes post-try, it’s a really worthy investment! If you’re unsure about taking the plunge, go to any Debenhams counter and request a sample. You can request a shade test like I did, so that you can really see the product in action.

Matte finish

I have extremely oily skin, even more so during the summer months, so a matte finish in a foundation is kind of essential for me. The Lock It Foundation is the most matte formula I have ever tried. It’s so matte that it I have to work super quickly during application, to ensure that there are no spots of foundation where I’ve initially applied the product. When I first bought the foundation, I found the formula impossible to work with. A beauty blender is a no-go for me, as it just looked disastrous. I now use a densely-packed, flat top kabuki brush, and I’ve gotten the application down. I use direct pressing motions, to ensure even coverage with no excess product. It’s shine-free instantly, and stays that way over the course of the day. I have to re-powder obviously, but it stays well regardless of that.


Seeing as make-up tends to slide off my oil-slick of a face, I was really impressed by the longevity of the Lock It Foundation. The first time I wore it, I went to see Guns N’ Roses at Slane Castle, an all-day affair. I applied my make-up at around 2PM that day, and didn’t bother bringing any with me to top it up. ‘Cause let’s face it, the last thing I care about at a rock concert is my make-up. I spent the day in the humidity and rain, WALKED nearly two miles home, and it had only started to falter when I got home after midnight. Paint me impressed, it’s definitely long-wearing, that’s a certainty!

Conclusion: Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation

It’s a cult foundation for a reason. It’s my perfect fit: it’s pale, high-coverage, matte and long-wearing. I can’t sing its praises enough, honestly. As I’ve said, it can be difficult to work with when you start using it, but it’s easy enough to overcome. Especially so when you work quickly with it. I personally don’t think those with dry skin will get along with this formula, as it’s extremely matte and dries so quickly. But I do fully recommend this foundation to those with oily, combination or normal skin. And that’s not just because I’m a total fiend for Kat Von D Beauty, I really do love it! You can buy the Lock It Foundation from the Kat Von D Beauty website, from Sephora, or alternatively from Debenhams for us Irish/UK gals.

Have you tried the Lock It Foundation from Kat Von D Beauty? What are your thoughts?

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'lock it' foundation rockettequeen'lock it' foundation rockettequeen'lock it' foundation rockettequeen



  1. July 12, 2017 / 11:26 AM

    I feel you on being at the pale end of the spectrum! Sometimes it’s so hard to find pale foundations without a yellow undertone as well. This is definitely on my beauty wish list at the moment

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. July 25, 2017 / 2:09 PM

    Great review. I love this foundation too – it’s my holy grail. I agree that’s it’s not great for dry skin as it sticks to any dry patches I have and I have to make sure I use an oil the night before to make sure my skin is smooth. I absolutely love the coverage of it though. I’m so glad you can get this in the UK now!

    Kayleigh x

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