A Monochrome Clothing Wishlist With Romwe Fashion*

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A Monochrome Clothing Wishlist With Romwe Fashion

If it wasn’t already obvious, I have a lot of love for the fashion world. Fashion is something that seems unquenchable; whatever you buy, whatever you have, there’s always room for more. I’ve been quite the minimalist for the last few years, especially so where my wardrobe is concerned. That’s made a drastic turn-around this year, which is something I’m not too sure if I’m happy about or not. I’ve really pushed my comfort zone and have tried a lot of looks that I never would’ve approached in the past, which I’m really proud of. What I’m not proud of is the fact that buying clothes has become an obsession. Despite loving everything in my wardrobe, the magnitude of clothing I own right now is insane. And here I am writing a massive Romwe wishlist for even MORE clothes… Eep. Aaaanyway, let’s move swiftly onwards…

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

Checkerboard Vans Slip-On Dupes | Punctuation Drop Earrings | Striped Swing Dress

Dupe City, Romwe

I didn’t put this Romwe collage in any particular order, but I love how this look turned out. It might be a bit much all together, but it’s good to shake things up every now and then. The shape of this dress and the puffed frilly sleeves reminded me so much of Lazy Oafs, so by comparison it’s kind of a steal really. The earrings are highly unusual and completely unique, which is exactly why I love them. And let’s be real, I’m all over that half-black-half-white vibe at the moment/forever. These jeans are a perfect example of that. And lastly, the shoooes! I have a real pair of these from Vans, but they’re actually ivory instead of white. Which was really disappointing. I still love them, don’t get me wrong… But I can’t find black and white ones ANYWHERE, so these are an awesome substitute!

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

Stripe Detail Sweater | Pinstripe Tailored Trousers | Off-The-Shoulder Monochrome Blouse

Professional Essentials

Because everyone needs a few daily basics. A simple sweater with minimal stripe detailing can get you so far, whether styled in casual or professional settings. I’ve always been a skinny jeans girl, but I’ve become an avid fan of the tailored trouser this year, and these pinstripe ones are ace. I’ve styled some similar ones in a recent post! And lastly, a lightweight off-the-shoulder blouse with a contrasting tank top effect. Again, completely versatile and easy to style, which is just what I like in my everyday line-up. So many potential styling options!

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

J.W. Anderson Piercing Bag Dupe | Graphic Face Flap Bag | Novelty 3D Camera Crossbody Bag

The Bag Line-Up

I’m not a huge fan of a novelty or statement bag, but I adore ALL of these. Especially the first one! Completely designer-esque and structured, it’s very Alexander McQueen AW17 with the animal appliqués, and is a perfect dupe of any J.W. Anderson bag with the signature piercing fastening. To be perfectly honest, the second one reminded me of the Pokémon Gengar, so that’s essentially why I included it. Minus that, it’s super minimal and obviously monochrome, so with those two factors I really can’t help but adore it! And lastly, one for the photographers in your life. I don’t think it needs any words really, it’s just so frickin’ cool. The vintage polaroid vibe is just perfect. It’s ideal for adding some pizzazz to any pared-back daytime look, I love it!

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

Checkerboard Stripe Detail Trousers | Striped Cactus T-Shirt | Striped Bodycon Dress

Minimal Prints

With the whole checkerboard trend that’s going on at the moment, I couldn’t help but include these incredible Romwe trousers. I have a pair from Love Too True which I’ve already styled, but this is a great alternative if you’re looking for something more muted. The cactus obsession is also everywhere, and combined with Breton stripes, you’ve kinda got an unstoppable combination really. Speaking of stripes, I’m a stripe-obsessive through and through, if that wasn’t already obvious. So this dress would/should be an absolute staple in any wardrobe. It can be styled a multitude of ways for many different occasions, and it’s really flattering to boot. 10/10, would recommend!

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

Dr Marten Boot Dupes | Check Bodycon Mini Skirt | Corset-Style Lace Up Striped T-Shirt

Trend Central

I’m getting all of the Hayley Williams vibes from these Dr Martens dupes, and I can’t help but love them. I bought a pair of white boots last year and was super surprised at how much wear I got out of them, so I may need to invest in this cute pair! The subtle platform just perfects them, really. Check is everywhere this season, and after channeling my love of it through grunge-y punk heroes, I can’t help but love it. Hence, this adorable skirt made the cut! Perfect for casual days as well as nights out, it guarantees loads of wear. Isabel Marant dominated the runway with her corset-style pieces this year, so I had to include a piece that showcased that. Striped too, so super versatile as well as incredibly pretty. I’ve said before that I don’t follow fashion trends, but they clearly leave their mark!

romwe wishlist rockettequeen alternative monochrome irish fashion blogger

Polka Dot V-Neck Dress | Grid Check Socks | Grid Check Cactus Cosmetic Bag | Check Blazer

Fun Favourites

And last but not least, a few versatile and fun pieces! This polka dot dress is ADORABLE. Made from lightweight crêpe, it presents a plunging v-neck and a tie fastening at the waist to ensure a flattering fit. The short length makes it really easy to style, and just super cute all around. Check blazers are everywhere this season, I’ve already gotten my hands on one, and I definitely love it already. It’s patiently waiting to make it’s debut, so stay tuned! And last but not least, novelty grid check socks and an adorable cactus cosmetics bag. Because why the hell not, really? Everything is linked above and can be found on the Romwe website, at such affordable discount prices! I really recommend taking a peek to see what tickles your fancy!

*This post is written in collaboration with Romwe Fashion, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Have you got any current fashion favourites from Romwe?

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