My Ladybug Period Subscription Box Review

My Ladybug Subscription Box

My Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription BoxMy Ladybug Subscription Box

My Ladybug Period Subscription Box Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (Quite surprising after one too many cocktails last night, but let’s not talk about that) to bring you the My Ladybug Subscription Box! This is quite the genius invention, I don’t know how anyone hasn’t thought of it any sooner. This pretty little kit contains everything you need for during your period. It’s exclusively tailored to your personal needs, to get you through those few days with ease. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

So, once you log on to, you’re given two options. Either set up a box for yourself, or to gift one to one of your lady friends. You first choose your subscription: just pads, just tampons, or both. I chose both, because my period isn’t particularly pleasant for me, and I’d rather be safe than sorry! All plans cost the same price, so you’re not missing out if you’d rather choose one over the other.

Next, you choose a brand: TampaxLil-Lets, and so on. In this section, you also choose what type you’d like, based on light, medium, or heavy flow. I personally went with Tampax Pearl Super Plus. There’s an abundance of types to choose from, including scented ones for when you’re not feeling particularly fresh. Because I chose the double feature option, I also got pads, so I chose Always Ultra Long With Wings. You can never be too careful, ladies!

Next comes your plan. You can choose to pay month to month, every three months in succession up front, every six months up front, or yearly up front. Month to month, the whole package costs €9.99. Three months is €27.00. Six months is €50.00. And the whole cost per year is €95.00. So you’re really getting your bang for your buck if you pay in bulk. Which is an awesome option to have if you’re forgetful about your period like I am! AND, they do free shipping. I can already hear choirs of “Why haven’t I ordered this yet?!”

Now, for my personal period package. I’ve documented it pretty much word for word, so you can experience the absolute delight I had in opening it! Everything arrived well-packaged in a sturdy white cardboard box, which was placed in a plastic envelope to prevent damage via weather conditions during travel, etc. It came the day before Aunt Flow, which in terms of timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I got the perfect supply of everything I needed, which is the biggest relief! It’s so nice to know that someone’s looking out for us during that time we all dread. Us ladies all gotta stick together, am I right?!

Then, I found CHOCOLATE in the box. Yes indeedy, not one, but TWO packs of Galaxy Minstrels! I’m gonna be real honest here and tell you that I definitely ate a pack as soon as I opened the box. To be fair, I was hormonal and craving it (as I am 100% of the time, but sshhh), so I regret nothing. The little pouch intrigued me, and then I discovered that it had tea bags in it! I’ve previously tried the Pukka Detox tea, so I knew I’d love these. AND, they’re decaf, which I was super excited about as I can’t have caffeine! It really is the little things in life.

Convinced yet? Because I have a discount code for you! It’s for 15% off, all you have to do is follow this link and pop “QUEENBLOG” into the coupon code box prior to payment. This discount only works if you plan on paying month to month. You still get a discounted price regardless of the plan, so yay! Subscriptions dispatch monthly 19-21st. Allow 5 days for delivery, just to give you an idea of when to order. Re-billing is the 31st or 1st after you receive your first box. I’ve always hated that time of the month, but My Ladybug has made it so much more bearable with this little service. And now I’m sharing it with you, so you can have a nice time too!

What’s your verdict, do you think you’ll make the My Ladybug period purchase?

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  1. August 30, 2015 / 8:02 PM

    This is a wonderful idea! Such a step forward in removing the taboo around periods!

    • rockettequeen
      August 30, 2015 / 8:03 PM

      My thoughts exactly! We should be able to talk about them like anything else, they’re perfectly natural, a way of life! The future is now!

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