How To Be Productive, And Stay That Way

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So, what you’re all probably thinking… “Pfft, this bitch hasn’t posted in a week, and she thinks she can tell US how to be productive?” And I digress, it’s true: I haven’t done a spot of work for At all. But please be aware, I had some bad news last week, and everything awful that could have possibly happened after that, did. I was fit and ready to dive into bed and not come out for a month.

Since then, things have improved somewhat, and I’m ready to return to the online world. Gotta keep on keepin’ on, am I right? So today, I’m bringing you a few tips to form a productive routine, as I’ve started doing over the last day or two to get back into the swing of things, and I have to say, they’re pretty damn effective. Also, many apologies for my absence, if I feel the need to disappear again, I’ll be sure to make a note of it here first! I did post about it over on Twitter, if you’d like to follow me there for more consistent updates. Now, on to the knowledge!

Make lists, and do so the night before

Lists, lists, I love lists. They make me feel together and organized, and put my life a little more at ease. I make lists for everything: groceries, budgets, expenditure, savings, birthday and Christmas gifts… You name it, it’s in a notebook somewhere in my apartment. Lists also apply to my day-to-day. There’s always something I’m not motivated about doing. There’s a high likelihood that I’ll make any excuse not to do it unless it’s on a list. But there’s no better satisfaction than ticking off everything on a to-do list, and so many perks. You get stuff done, and you feel good about it! It’s the little things, my friends. Here’s an extra tip, because I’m lovely (and I feel like I owe you for deserting you all for a week – soz). Make your ‘tomorrow’ list the night before. I’m not bothered to write a list sometimes. Let alone doing everything on it! When I do it, the motivation is there to get things done.

Break up the work, task by task

Because no-one wants to face the day when they feel like they have 101 harrowing tasks. I personally take to my bed on days like this, hoping that my list just goes away (Spoiler: it’ll still be there when you get up for a snack, sorry.) Taking your list one thing at a time simplifies your day. It motivates and drives you on to the next task. Everything is crossed off, slowly but surely. Unless you have clones of yourself/you’re some kind of super person who can multi-task, in which case, I’m insanely jealous.

Start early, finish early

Form this routine! The morning lie-in is some people’s favourite part of the week. And the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to actually DO things? Like having bunk beds, there’s so much more room/time for activities! I always compare it to doing my homework on a Friday evening, so that I had the whole weekend to do absolutely nothing school-related, and having nothing hanging over me dauntingly. Okay, I wasn’t ALWAYS a goody two-shoes, but when I was, my weekends were blissful. This is the same! You’ll have so much time for lipstick shopping and Netflix, and isn’t that the dream?

Take breaks

‘Cause nobody wants to burn out completely. My teacher always said that for every forty five minutes study, take a five to ten minute break. This applies to everything, but being AT work is the exception. Unfortunately, your bosses have already thought ahead and allocated your breaks. If you keep working without a break, eventually you’re going to grow tired of it altogether and not want to go back to it at all. Breaks are a necessity. We wouldn’t need to sleep at night otherwise. So the next time you take a quick stop to make some tea and catch up on your YouTube subs, don’t feel guilty – you deserve it.

Bribe yourself

Sad, but true. Some days, you’re just fed up, and feel like doing nothing. When in reality, there’s a teetering pile of work to be done. Tip: that pretty new pair of boots/lipstick/takeaway pizza you’ve been craving? It can be yours, the second your workload is complete. It’s not the best way and definitely won’t be your bank balance’s friend. Especially if you need to be bribed to do the smallest task. But it’s a nice little motivator every once in a while. Or when the new season trends start, am I riiiight?

What are your tips for staying motivated and productive?

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  1. October 13, 2015 / 3:23 PM

    I definitely try and follow all of these steps in my day to day life. Bribing myself with weekly Pumpkin Spice Lattes as little treats these weeks 🙂 x

    • rockettequeen
      October 16, 2015 / 11:14 AM

      Glad to hear it, love! I wish I could indulge in PSL, but alas, I can’t have caffeine! I’ll have to substitute with twice as many hot chocolates instead 🙂

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