The Pros And Cons To Being Busy All The Time

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Busy Lifestyle: The Pros And Cons To Being Busy All The Time

Being busy is a total mixed bag. Some days you thrive in the maelstrom of to-do lists, while others have you so exhausted that you’re just dreaming of sleep. I personally hate idle time, so a busy lifestyle suits me perfectly. I love when everything’s go-go-go, and there’s always something to do. My life is probably the busiest it’s even been this year, with a full-time working week, a long commute, a consistent blogging schedule and a boyfriend that lives two hours away, I’m pretty much constantly on the move. And I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lazy chilled day every now and again. But I’ve always been the hustle and bustle type true and true. There are both perks and losses to being busy, which I’ll be discussing in this post.

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There are several pros, which are listed as follows:

Boredom no longer exists

With all of my time filled, it’s impossible for me to be bored. I have a long commute to work, and work a 45 hour week. In between that time, I blog, eat, and sleep. I spend two weekends a month with my boyfriend in Belfast, and my weekends at home are spent doing life admin, learning to drive, and shooting blog content. Every now and then I have some downtime when it gets too much, but as a whole, I’m pretty much always busy with something. I can’t remember being bored once in at least a year. And I LOVE it. “You’ll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea”. This couldn’t ring more true. I’ve taken on the mindset lately that if you’re bored anywhere, it’s your fault. There’s ALWAYS something you can do that isn’t wasting time or settling for boredom.

You feel like you’re constantly achieving

Because I’m always doing something, I feel like I’m constantly growing and achieving a lot. In the past I’ve had a lot of spare time, and instead of inspiring me to create, it made me feel stagnant. Every day was the same, and my creativity came to a complete halt. Since things have picked up and my career is going in the right direction, I feel more creative than ever. Even simple things like editing a set of photos, scheduling posts, smashing through to-do lists no matter how small, it all feels incredible. Previously I would shame myself for not achieving enough, but with such a busy lifestyle now, I’m grateful for everything I achieve outside of my working week.

It makes you a very productive person

With very little spare time to myself, being busy constantly teaches me to reign it in and be as productive as possible at any given moment. I write blog posts on my commutes and during work lunch breaks, I cram as much of my daily to-do list into the 90 minutes I have when I get home from work. Every shred of time in my day serves a purpose. Some is dedicated to scrolling through social media and my Youtube subscriptions. But my head would probably explode without a little downtime here and there. The point is, I want to achieve a lot, with very little time to do so. I don’t complain about a lack of time, I MAKE the time for what matters to me. It’s an incredible mindset that I thoroughly recommend adopting.

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But with the pros come the cons unfortunately…

Prioritising becomes difficult

This is where things get tricky. With such little time to play with, I have to make hard decisions about what deserves my time the most. I try to blog twice a week, but sometimes things take precedence over this. Seeing friends, life admin, even basic to-do lists. A busy life can be a difficult one, but finding balance becomes routine as much as being busy is. There’s no point in stressing over being unable to do it all. There’ll always be time the next day, or week, or month. It’s just a matter of planning it all out in the order that matters most to you.

Those around you have difficulty understanding

Not everyone is always going to understand a busy lifestyle. At times, I can’t make time for certain things, but I always try to make up for it as soon as possible afterwards. This might seem shitty to some, I understand that. Hell, I agree with it completely. But at the end of the day, it’s my life. I’m living it for me and nobody else, and I only get to do it once. So I’m going to be selfish and do it my way. I mentioned putting yourself first in a recent post, and it absolutely rings true. Putting other people first isn’t what’s always going to make you happy. If people don’t understand how busy you are, allow it. It’s not their life to lead, after all.

Little sleep and constant exhaustion become a way of life

I can’t even tell you the last time I slept longer than eight hours that wasn’t on a weekend. Getting to bed before 11PM on a weekday is a constant battle, which never merges well with my 6AM alarm… But that’s how it goes. I make the time for what matters to me, and things like my blog and the people in my life matter more than a perfect eight hour sleep. I always find that whatever I’ve used the time for is worth losing sleep. Even if my yawns at my desk the following day may say otherwise…

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Do you have a busy lifestyle? How do you deal with it?

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