DIY: How To Successfully Ombré Your Hair Safely At Home

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In the mood for a hair change now that the summer’s rolled around? Well, look no further. I’ve been ombréing my hair for nearly four years now. So today, I’m going to share how you can too. If it tickles your fancy, that is. I’ll also be revealing my tips for looking after my hair after it’s been bleached. And how to keep it shiny, supple and healthy.

What You’ll Need:

– Powder bleach (blue or white, it doesn’t make a difference, but blue is my personal preference.)

– 30/40 vol developer

– A tinting brush

– A small bowl (Depending on how much bleach you’re using/how far up you’re dyeing your hair.)

– An old towel/t-shirt (Be warned: bleach stains don’t come out.)

– Rubber/disposable gloves

– Ombré comb (Any fine-tooth comb will do.)

(I get my hair bleach and developer from a salon supplies store, but you can get bleaching kits and developer in Boots which I have used before, as well as ombré kits.)


1) Take your bowl and brush. Mix one part bleach with 1.5 – 2 parts of developer. Mix until smooth.

2) Start applying to your hair. If you’re looking for a gradient effect/three-tone ombré like mine, apply the bleach to the ends of your hair first, then make your way up through the hair 10 – 15 minutes later, to give the ends a headstart on processing.

3) If you’re unsure how far up to bring the ombré, I usually do mine up to where my hair skims along my jawline, and work my way from there.

4) Make sure that your hair is fully saturated with bleach to avoid it looking patchy. It’s better to take your hair in small sections and apply the bleach that way, to ensure that it’s fully covered.

5) This is where the comb is important. Because you’re doing the ombré yourself, you want to be conscious of and trying to avoid the straight line effect, especially so if you have more than one transitioning colour. Use the comb to tease the bleach through your hair after you’ve applied it, using a back-combing motion on the colour-change areas to make a more natural-looking transition.

6) Time-wise, I never leave bleach on my hair for more than 45 minutes, even when I’m lifting my dark roots, so I recommend that you stick to this guideline in order to keep your hair in good shape, and to avoid extra damage and breakage.

7) If it turns out darker than you would have liked, you can always bleach it again after a few weeks, or use a toner to remove brassy tones.


– No more chemicals for the time being! Give your hair a break, not a brake.

– Try to train your hair in order to wash it less. Over-washing will dry it out even more and lead to breakage. My rule is no more than twice a week. Get yourself some dry shampoo for in-between washes.

– Coconut oil is your best friend. Use it as a hair mask, for 30 minutes before you wash your hair. You’ll thank me later.

– Invest in some regular hair masks too, some of my favourites are the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque, and the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask.

– Hair oil is a necessity for me, I can’t wash my hair without using it now. They can be applied before washing, after washing on damp hair, and before styling on dry/wet hair. It stays in your hair and conditions it consistently until the next wash, and keeps it soft and shiny. I haven’t had “crunchy” hair since I started using a good hair oil, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I use the OGX Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum.

– Invest in a good quality heat protectant, or better yet, go without heat altogether. There’s no point in going through the motions of bleaching your hair if you’re only going to ruin it with heat afterwards! If you need to blow-dry it, do it on a cooler setting. I let my hair air-dry and it’s done it the world of good, the transformation is insane. You and your hair will notice the difference, I guarantee it.

What are your thoughts on ombré hair? Do you have any extra care tips for me?

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    • June 25, 2015 / 8:23 PM

      Thanks so much! That’s so kind of you to say ????❤️

  1. July 7, 2015 / 9:40 PM

    Your hair looks so pretty! I really like it. I’m yet to dye my own hair let alone a colour other than blonde! But this is really fab for people who are looking into dying their hair ombré. I will definitely have a look into the hair masks you mentioned, they sound great. I use an argon oil based product (when I remember) and that makes my hair so soft! Love the post 🙂 xxxxx

    • July 7, 2015 / 9:46 PM

      Thanks so much! The fact that your hair is blonde makes it even easier for you, you could go any colour you want! You could try hair chalks first if you’re weary of taking the plunge ???? Thank you! ????❤️

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