How To Lose Weight (The Right Way)

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Weight Loss: How To Really Lose Weight (The Right Way)

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve fallen off the wagon for, oh, a whole month at a time? Yeah, that. I went on holidays in the middle of July, and have unconsciously been very naughty ever since. That realization, as much as it sucked, is the driving force behind the post that your eyes are scanning through this very minute. Because I’m not a fan of fad diets or getting into bad habits, I’m going to tell you my view and tips for weight loss. These are advices as much to myself as to anyone reading this, so let’s learn together!

Eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re bored

I am 100% guilty of this, but I’m in the midst of putting an end to it. A lot of the time when I’m home alone working (or Netflix-bingeing, let’s be real) my mind wanders… To the fridge. Now I’m not saying put a halt to eating altogether, I’ll never be about that life, food brings me far too much joy! But keep it to when you’re actually hungry. Is that too big of a request, tummy?

Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed

There’s genuinely nothing but cons to eating before bed. One: because you’re lying flat and not burning calories as you would throughout the day, fat is stored a lot easier, hence, it’s almost TOO easy to gain weight. AND, you’re so full that you feel sick when you’re trying to sleep! Nightmare central, if you ask me. Breakfast is called breakfast for a reason. You’re breaking a fast, literally, so you’re meant to be hungry when morning arrives. Which you won’t be if you’re eating late at night! It takes some getting used to, but it’s good to break the habit and form a better routine instead. For example, if you’re an early riser like me who needs to sleep at 9PM, have dinner before 6PM, and so on.

Make a meal plan

I love taking everything down on paper, whether it’s blog ideas, to-do lists, or groceries, so this was a great one for me, as it already suited my lifestyle. Whenever I’m about to do a food shop, I plan out my meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, for every day of the week. I can do a post on this too, if anyone’s interested? The list means that I know exactly what I need to get, and I save money too, as I only go by my list! It’s genius, really. To the first ever list-maker, I love you!

You DO get friends with salad

Juuuust kidding, but I do love that Simpsons scene. I can hear you all metaphorically-groaning already, I’ll see myself out. Seriously though, salads can make the world of difference to your diet and how you’re feeling. As well as contributing to weight loss, too. First off, you’re getting your portions of veggies and protein. They might not be the most filling of meals, but because they’re low in fat and carbs, you can allow yourself a larger portion, or team it with some croutons or a wholemeal pitta bread.

Swap out white for brown

Bread, pasta, rice. I guarantee you, it changes everything. White carbohydrates are super processed and starchy, and generally just full of ingredients that you don’t want to put in your body on a regular basis. White starch does anything but aid weight loss! Brown, on the other hand, has plenty of fibre, making for easier digestion, as well as a number of other benefits! And to be honest, I wholeheartedly believe that they taste better too. Do I look like I’d lie to you? Yeah, thought so.

Replace unhealthy snacks

There are so many good foods  that you can put in your body instead of junk food. As a dedicated pizza-lover, that means A LOT coming from me! Love chocolate? Have 1 – 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate. You still get the sweetness you’re craving, but at the same time, it’s so rich that you won’t want any more than that! Love crisps? Popcorn is lower in grease, fat, salt, and is just better for you overall. I have a post of more yummy, healthy (and vegan!) snacks too, which you can read here.

When in doubt, drink water

Ever have those times where you don’t know if you’re hungry or not? Or if you’re craving something? For moments like these, water is the answer. I’ll drink a large glass of water, and if the hunger/craving is there 10 – 20 minutes later, I’ll know I’m actually hungry and will eat something. Water is your best friend generally, it’s best to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres per day, to avoid feeling sluggish. Our minds have a habit of playing tricks on us in this sense, the answer? Flush ’em out!


I know, another dread-filled groan-worthy moment. The thing is, exercise doesn’t have to be the enemy here, it’s there for your benefit! I know personally how tough the struggle is to get off your butt and start moving. Start small, a walk every day, and from there there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Swimming, kick-boxing, hiring a personal trainer if you have the funds, joining a class or gym, or even working out from home. I’ve been watching Anna SacconeJoly‘s fitness progress over the last while, and she looks absolutely incredible after just ten weeks. That’s motivation enough for me to get my body where I want it to be! Her trainer, Lucy Wyndham-Read, has an incredible YouTube channel, which I’m going to use to start really working on my own fitness. If I can do it, anyone can!

And lastly, reward yourself every once in a while

I speak for myself here when I say that I’ll never succeed if I go 100% cold turkey right away. Hence, rewards are a good motivation to keep at it, when used correctly. I chose mine in the form of a takeaway once a week, usually on Fridays. As Jonathan SacconeJoly would say, “Pizza party Friday night!” But seriously, when it comes to rewards, less is more. You’ll actually appreciate them that way!

What are your methods and tips for weight loss?

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  1. Genevieve Isabella
    August 21, 2015 / 12:38 PM

    Absolutely love the simplicity of this post! Yes, initially it is a bit harder to get into a routine, but it’s so worth it in the end!

    • rockettequeen
      August 21, 2015 / 12:40 PM

      Thank you! ☺️ I’m currently trying to break all of my bad habits at the minute, I’m slowly getting there haha!

  2. August 21, 2015 / 12:47 PM

    These are all great tips to not only lose weight but keep it off.

    I’ll admit I’m naturally thin, but I do almost all these things except I don’t eat nearly enough salad, and I eat before bed because I will wake up in the middle of the night starving and won’t be able to get back to sleep.

    • rockettequeen
      August 21, 2015 / 12:48 PM

      Thanks so much Elyse ☺️ This hunger in the night happens to me too! All the more reason to have a break breakfast, am I right? ????

  3. August 21, 2015 / 1:26 PM

    I agree with all points apart from not eating before bed. This is a massive myth. First of all “You’re so full you feel sick”; as a rule it’s not good to eat that much any time of day. Second, there is no wrong or right time to eat; eating within 2 hours of bed in no way results in weight gain. Granted it’s not advisable to have a carb fest before bed because Carbohydrates store as fat if you aren’t burning them up or utilising them for muscle repair but having a snack before bed if you are hungry isn’t going to make you gain weight and that’s a fact.

    • rockettequeen
      September 1, 2015 / 3:19 PM

      I didn’t mean gorging yourself, if I eat before bed and then lie down, I feel more full and sicker than I would had I not eaten. Carbs or not, I tend to gain weight if I eat too close to bed time, even with a high metabolism, but that’s just me!

  4. August 21, 2015 / 9:21 PM

    I am a self confessed pizza queen. I’m surprised I haven’t turned into one with the amount I eat. Totally guilty of eating when I’m bored too, especially at work. . . . Great post ^_^ xx

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