Wet N’ Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick Collection*

Wet N' Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick collectionWet N' Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick collectionWet N' Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick collectionWet N' Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick collectionWet N' Wild Spring 2016 Lipstick collection

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I wrote a beauty post that I’ve genuinely forgotten HOW to write one. I suppose let’s jump right in? A few weeks ago I was sent many a lipstick from the new Wet N’ Wild spring collection to review, and BOY was I excited when they arrived!

I received two of the MegaSlicks Balm Stains, which are essentially pigmented lip balms. They glide onto the lips and add that extra pop of colour with minimal effort, which I love. I also received several of the the MegaLast Lip Colour lipsticks, which are one of my favourites of all time, so I was ecstatic when four tumbled out of the package! I’m a creature of habit, and matte lipsticks will always be my favourite. I’ve never really been a fan of shiny/moisturising lipsticks, as they tend to bleed and don’t last anywhere near as long as mattes. I like make-up as much as the next gal, but topping it up constantly is not how I wanna live my life.

I swear I have at least ten (no shame ’cause they’re faaaab) of these lipsticks buried within the maelstrom of my collection, they’re the perfect formula, so highly-pigmented, come in such a wide variety of colours, and the price is impossible to say no to! Wet N’ Wild, do you ever do anything wrong?

MegaLast Lip Colour

  • Cherry Picking – E965‘ – This lipstick is a deep blue-toned red in the bullet. But it’s really a true magenta. I’m not the biggest fan of pink lipsticks, as they clash horrifically with my hair. But I love to manipulate this with lipliners to bring out the cherry tones.
  • Purty Persimmon – E970‘ – The brightest red orange, an exact dupe of MAC’s ‘Lady Danger’. This a real show-stopper. I’ve never owned a colour like it, it’s definitely a statement shade. I tend to play down the rest of my make-up when I wear it. BUT, I did take a gamble on St. Patrick’s Day by combining this with an olive green smokey eye. And it paid off! All the while looking super patriotic, of course!
  • In The Flesh – E912C‘ – The most perfect nude. Not too peach, pink or brown. Because I’m so pale, I find it very difficult to find a nude that suits my skin tone. Especially one that doesn’t wash me out or completely contrast to my face. This right here is a total winner, especially with a subtle pink liner. This lipstick is always buried in the bottom of my bag. I can see this complimenting most if not all skin tones. 10/10, would recommend!
  • Pinkerbell – E968‘ – If I love one thing about this lipstick, it’s the name. How CUTE! This is an atomic hot pink, it reminds me of a highlighter marker… In a good way! Again, because of my clashing hair, this doesn’t look the best on me. But it’s still a beautiful shade nonetheless. I could see it working beautifully on someone with icy blonde hair and fair skin. Which I kinda wish I had, to see for myself if it works… Olaplex, anyone?

MegaSlicks Balm Stain

  • Nudist Colony – E129‘ – A mildly-pigmented true nude. This is my go-to for when I just do basic make-up, and I need that little something more. Rimmel do one similar, but this one is just as good and very budget-friendly. What’s not to like, really?
  • Coral Of The Story – E1591‘ – A sheer but pigmented coral pink. I hate to sound clichéd, but this is perrrrfect for summer! The ideal shade to add some ‘oomph’ to your look. I tend to wear this when I have little to no make-up on, so it gives a bit of life to my face. Also works out a treat on top of a red lip, it really amps up the colour which I LOVE!

Wet N’ Wild products can be purchased from all Penneys outlets, as well as the majority of Dunnes Stores across Ireland. The MegaLast Lipstick retails for €2.99, and the MegaSlick Balm Stain is €3.99.

*Products sent to me for reviewing purposes.

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